Audrey’s X-Rated Bachelorette Party

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My best friend Audrey is getting married in Dillon, Colorado this August.  Since she was back in Austin for her bridal shower last weekend, I decided to throw her a surprise bachelorette party!  Her sister/Maid of Honor is under 21 so we couldn’t do a typical girls night out on notorious 6th street.  Instead I opted for a night in, full of drinking games, sexy lingerie and lots of Penis (in the most glamorous, sophisticated way possible).  We had a blast!  If you are ever in the market for good bachelorette party favors (dirty or not), Spencer’s is your one stop shop!  Check out all the fun we had!

Mimosa/Jello Shot Bar

image (18)

I emptied out the oak cabinet, normally dedicated as my liquor cabinet and set it up as the drink station.  The chalkboards are made from thrift store picture frames that I spray painted with chalkboard paint.  I hate my chalk handwriting but I love that they are simple and reusable!  For the champagne bottles, I removed the labels then glittered them using mod podge and fine glitter.  Beware, it’s a messy project!  I started with a solid color at each end, then mixed them together for the middle.  The drink trays are also thrift store finds that have been spay painted.  I love creating little party nooks around the house so that the kitchen doesn’t get so overcrowded.

Dessert Table

image (20)

A dessert table is an awesome alternative to serving snack food at a party.  It provides a little something extra for your guests without actually having to feed them!  Everyone loves dessert and it doubles as additional decor.  I have a large stash of glassware collected form several events over the years that I use for my candy/dessert bars.  If you don’t have glassware you can collect mix and match pieces from your local thrift store.

DIY Cake Stands

image (22)

These mini black cake stands are made from plates and candle holders that have been glued together with epoxy then spray painted.  They are great for adding variation in height to your table.  I use the same technique for creating multi-tiered cupcake stands and large cake stands.

Photo Background

image (21)

I love creating fun, one of a kind photo curtains for my events.  They add an extra pop of festivity to the space and provide a great background for taking pictures.  This one was made with crepe paper, curling ribbon and a long wooden dowel.  You could go further by providing props or mini chalkboards to take pictures with.  It’s a great way to engage your guests and create fun lasting memories.

Glitter Glassware

image (19)

I learned a great trick for creating temporary glittered glassware (or plastic) while working as a visual merchandising lead for American Eagle Outfitters.  To get this look, spray the desired surface with Windex then dust with glitter.  The Windex will evaporate and the glitter will stick until brushed off.  You can do this with chunky glitter and confetti as well!

Instagram Fun!



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